The streets of Haarlem by night

The year 2015 began good!
On Sunday the 4th of January I went out on a photographic trip with some friends to the city of Haarlem.

It was a very sunny Sunday, when evening fell over the city, a bright full moon lighted up the sky quite a lot (as you can see in some photographs)!

Here’s a photographic impression of the streets of Haarlem by night. I intend to go back there in the near future, to get my hands on more Streets.


A snowy day in the park

Last weekend I went to the southern part of The Netherlands; I heard some snow fell there!
This happens not too much around here, so I took my chance to shoot some “snowy winter pics”.
The weather was really nic, sunny and not too cold.
The location: Park Meerland, Eindhoven. A city park recently realized, it already won a price for it’s architectural design back in 2011. More info (Dutch) about the park:

It’s something completely different from what I normally fix on my photo sensor, but nevertheless I hope you like it. (best viewed in fullscreen!)

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The streets of Antwerp by night

Why I didn’t come up with the idea before, I don’t know.
But making a series of photographs of the streets of Antwerp by night looked like a cool idea to me!

Here are the first four photographs I want to share; this will be an ongoing project, so expect more material in the future.

More photographs can be found in the gallery attached to this post.… Continue reading ...


Crazy brides and vampires.. That’s what you can expect to be wandering around with Halloween.

As a matter of fact I happened to capture a couple of them with my camera. I hope you enjoy the result!

Waiting for trains

Since I travel back and forth from now and then, I happen to be on train stations quite a lot.
For the train(station) lovers in The Netherlands the new train station of Rotterdam is a must-have-seen.

I had to wait for a train to catch for almost half an hour, so I decided to wander around (I happened to have a camera with me 😉 ). Looking for symmetry my eye caught some people waiting for the next train to catch, just like me.
So I pinpointed the exact right location, which comes down to a couple of centimeters to the left, a couple to the right, hold the camera *really* leveled as possible from hand, and.. click.
The result is there (click photograph for bigger version)! That was half an hour well spent!

10 cent watching trains

10 cent watching trains


A photographic trip to a ghost village

Doel, an almost abandoned village near Antwerp, Belgium. It is probably more known because of the fact that it is situated just next to a nuclear power plant.
It is threatened by complete demolition due to the future expansion of the harbour of Antwerp.

I was really curious and eager to visit this village, and I tried to give an impression of the situation and atmosphere with the photographs I made there.

Directions in Doel

Directions in Doel

More photographs can be found in the gallery attached to this post.… Continue reading ...

Hello world!

Welcome on my new website.

In this blog I will talk about my photographic trips, but also about things like technique of photography and inspiring work of other photographers.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading it!