About me

I am a photographer who just enjoys making photographs, especially to improve the eye for unseen details in daily life.
Partly I love the technical aspect of photography, but I really enjoy the artistic part of it as well. Photography is, in my opinion, all about telling a story and deliver an atmosphere, so technique is only a tool to tell that story.

At the moment I practice photography seriously since around 8 years. Most of my knowledge I learned by myself. I never attended a photography school, but by looking carefully to other photographs and listen to other photographers I am where I am today. This is of course an ongoing process for me; bit by bit I learn more and evolve my style.
Sometimes certain things that cross my path inspire me to try something different. An important lesson I learned is not to be scared to make mistakes. And just do what pops in your mind and looks like a good idea. This results in creativity and uniqueness!

Hopefully you like my work. I would like to hear if you like (or dislike of course) what you find on my website. So don’t hesitate to leave me a message!